Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your business carpets are going to look great, dry in an hour, and there won’t be fans and hoses all over your space.  Doors stay shut and locked.  No hoses means no tripping over hoses.  Dry in an hour means no sliding on the hard surface after walking on the recently cleaned carpet.  Instead of looking worse and worse after your cleaning – carpets will look better and better for a quarter with your normal maintenance vacuuming.  Ugly wicking spots go away and stay gone.

Banks love us because of our fast dry times – no moldy vault!

Normal hot water extraction used in residential settings can cause your adhesive to disengage on commercial carpet.  Doesn’t that sound expensive while tariffs are so high?  Commercial grade carpet imported from China has a 40% tariff that US companies have to pass on to the customer.  This is a great time to set up a carpet cleaning maintenance plan.  With Blue Dog you can set it and forget it.  The owner keeps a key and does your cleanings, your card gets charged automatically in an affordable amount, your carpet gets cleaned at night in a schedule with reminders.

Nothing to remember or worry about.  Enjoy your clean, fresh smelling, sanitary, professional looking carpeted office space.

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important for Your Business?

Commercial Carpet Cleanings Reduce Employee Absences

Some experts say that something as basic as a regular carpet cleaning can improve your employee absentee rate dramatically. Poor indoor air quality caused by mold and community spread viruses means that sick days will increase. Routine commercial carpet cleanings are key to reducing the amount of time your team is sick at home instead of being productive at work.

Commercial Carpet Cleanings Protect Your Investment

High-quality carpeting for a large amount of square footage is not cheap these days, so replacing it too soon is one of the last things you want to do as a business owner. Routine cleanings will ensure that the quality of your carpet stays high, and the money you are spending on repairs stays low.

Commercial Carpet Cleanings Create A Warm Environment

Carpets that have been maintained can make the atmosphere of an office space warm and inviting, which is something that any business owner wants. When a potential customer walks into your building, they will be able to see that you are a company that cares about the small details, which can go a long way.

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